Pubblicato il 15 October, 2018
Russian military

Meanwhile in russia… (40 pics)

There are absurd and funny things happening around Russia (as in any other country… certainly). In this collection of funny images we naturally selected the most incredible images.
Scenes of ordinary madness, mistakes and Russian curiosities. Have fun !


Strange things in Russia

Scenes of madness in Russia

Pregnant woman showering out on the snow

idiot workers

military plays an abandoned piano in the middle of the forest

Funny Crazy Horse

Submarine at the beach

Bomb that bursts near two idiots. how to die funny

meanwhile on the street


Crazy people

Crazy drivers

Crazy workers with the scraper

Tank crosses the road quietly beautiful Russian soldiers

Pistol out the window billiards in the street

Crazy people

crazy who climbs ice

Russian military

funny remedies

strange things without meaning

beautiful Russian soldiers

unexplained but funny things

Work done wrong in Russia

False door

funny idiots

funny idiots fly



funny tank

funny abusive house

funny drawing on the blackboard in the classroom - school

idiots in pairs

stupid and funny people

strange People funny

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